‘I’rony of Change

I have been having healthy discussions and thought share on this week’s Vedantic Wednesday Blog – on our approach to our Be-The-Change-You-Wish-To-See-In-The-World-Gandhi-Posters fellow human being’s shortcomings and behaviors.  Surprisingly many of the discussions that I have been having touched invariably upon change in human behavior. Here is my humble take on this

Whenever we seek a change in another person we always ask them to commit what they (as an individual) are going to change, what actions they are going to change, what is their responsibility towards the change, what is the plan of action etc.,. But when it comes to making changes ourselves we always conveniently use the word ‘We’! Think about it.

‘We are not able to make that change’ is a more common statement than the more honest ‘I am not able to make that change’ – because it is difficult. The problem in the statement we make is not any of the other words, but the word ‘we’. If we change that to ‘I’ and take responsibility to make changes, a lot of things will really change (in fact for the better). The trouble is we conveniently find excuses in the remaining words of the sentence.Excuses include: ‘Change’ is not clearly identified. ‘able’ – we were not provided with the necessary aids to make change happen, etc.,.

While the above reasons may all be justifiable, they are not true. This is because changes can happen only when the ‘I’ takes charge. The change can take place only when the ‘I’ decides to change things one at a time. It is difficult even if you decide to make four changes in your day and try to turn that into a habit. Tough!

But do the same one at a time and you will find that the second, third and fourth changes get easier when the first and the earlier changes have been turned into habits.

Change is a tough call but change we must.  Don’t just think about it – Do it!


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