Books and Me: Conquering the Mind

Book Title: Conquering the Mind9788184952711

Author: Eknath Easwaran

I got introduced to Easwaran through a cousin of mine. During a particularly difficult patch in her life, she seemed to have leaned on his works for support.  His eight point program appealed to me during my very first satsang. His passage meditation thinking, is an interesting one too.

Being a person who learns more by reading , I requested the Easwaran India meditation group for suggestions of his works.  While I received many, two titles seem to come up more frequently. The first one was titled meditation which explains the eight point program in detail as well as the passage meditation technique.  You can find my feedback on this book here. The other title was conquering the mind.

The title is very incisive. Isn’t that what we all want to achieve, even for worldly success? The mind’s qualities make it monkey like. But it is these very same qualities that make us evolve as well. So a lot depends on who controls whom. Is it the mind over us or us over the mind?

This is the perennial battle in which most of the time, the mind emerges victorious. In this context, suggestions on how we can battle and win the control over the mind is, what this book is all about.  The book is filled with daily references, day to day situations that most of us face. The author after explaining what typically happens provides suggestions on how to change them.

The teachings of Buddha, seems to have influenced the author’s thinking considerably with respect to the topic. References to Buddha and his works are sprinkled all over. The book provides interesting thoughts on developing three spiritual strengths: determination / detachment and discrimination. I enjoyed that part the most.  The book is an easy read filled with simple and easy to implement tips and techniques.

While I started seeing the benefit of passage meditation I realised very quickly why Easwaran insists on all the eight aspects of his program. The more we attempt to control the mind during the day the better it is during meditation. The more regular your meditation, the easier it is to attempt conquering the mind!

Happy Mindful Reading!



4 thoughts on “Books and Me: Conquering the Mind

  1. Hi, so do you practice the eight-point meditation? I do, so I would like to get in touch with others in India who are following it, too. Thanks

    1. I practice some points routinely and it has helped me in my spiritual evolution. But Eknath Easwaran’s books are inspiring. There is a weekly satsang that happens in Chennai on Saturday afternoons. Ms Ranjini Manian is the coordinator for this group. If you would like to know more please email me so that i can forward it to Ranjini or Vasant (who doubles up in her absence). They can give you more information. The global website gives a link to her as well:

      Good Luck with your spiritual efforts!

      1. Thanks, Raj. I’ve mailed the Chennai people, yet to hear from them. But I’m in Mumbai, so I’d like to know if there will be any meets in Mumbai any time.

      2. Since i have been travelling i haven’t been going to the satsang for the past few weeks. The next time i go over i will inform them that you have reached out to them. To my knowledge there are no other satsangs happening in Mumbai. Will check with them when i meet them and let you know if i come across any. Good Luck with your practice till then

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