Taking the Moral Ground!

Over the last few days I happened to see a bit of TV – especially the news channels. Frankly I have been advised by my guru (onArgue life) that seeing the news and reading the papers are probably the most useless activities that you can invest your time in these days!!

Yet having seen a little bit of it regarding the IPL  match fixing controversy, here is one thing that I have come to agree with.  Almost no one on the TV has a moral right over anything 😉

One who asks for someone to resign (on moral grounds) and one who does not resign (on moral grounds) don’t seem to know or agree on what morality means. How can anyone agree on the meaning of the word morality?  Can such a word have a single meaning? Isn’t it because we all don’t agree on a single definition for morality that we have all the problems in the world?

The black and white sandwiching a whole lot of shades of grey in-between, is what makes the world of our opinion. A world that is limited by the possibilities of every individual’s perception.  One’s moral stand is an extension of one’s internalized value system – which unfortunately for most of us, for most of the time keeps taking positions of convenience! So before we shout for someone’s blood or defend our actions on moral grounds – let us stop to understand what we are actually mean!


3 thoughts on “Taking the Moral Ground!

  1. Totally agree with your blog. Yes, our entire understanding about this world, life and everything around us, including ourselves, is based on our minds perception. Unfortunately in recent times, minds are not trained to think big and be in sync with the creation, it’s nature.

    Yes, definitely, media is not helping people to evolve and people are unable to realize it. In recent times, media is turning out to be a curse. Consumer / consumption based society is hindering human evolution.

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