When News Reporting Becomes News Making

During my morning walk, I have and hear very interesting conversations. This morning I saw an elderly person tell his 800px-Newsroom_RIA_Novosti,_Moscow_2companion “ If we are going to have breaking news every day rather every hour, how else can our society be – but broken? It is better not to watch news anymore!”

The daily social life of an average Indian is getting boring by the day. Open any news channel and you never get to hear what happened.  You only get to hear what some people think about what has happened and pass opinions on what should happen.  News is defined by oxford dictionary as “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events” – which precludes opinions, predictions, creativity, imagination and extrapolation.

There is no more work for viewers to think. Thinking is done by our new channels on TV (idiot box?). But what would be motivating the channels to continue to play a 10 seconds clip 20 times over in every broadcast every hour? What is making our news channels reach beyond reporting facts? Is it competition? Is it stretching for 24 hours what can be reported in one hour?  Is it the business need for earning advertisement revenue?

Instead of being interested in what is happening around – news channels are fighting to become interesting.  To be interesting, you have to forego interest in what you are covering. Isn’t it obvious? Whatever be it when people who have to share news are interested in making the news – eventually all of us will lose out!


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