Books and Me: Market Your Way To Growth

Book Title: Market Your Way To Growthmarket-your-way-to-growth-8-ways-to-win-700x700-imadh938fssatgsx_600

Author:  Philip Kotler and Milton Kotler

Turbulence seems to be the norm. Uncertainty is almost becoming the constant. In such an environment, the capability of leaders especially in business, is being constantly challenged.  The entrepreneurial quotient in every leader is being put to serious test. In these highly uncertain circumstances, how should leaders think of growth?

Philip and Milton Kotler, provide us with a variety of approaches to tackle this eluding growth. Two big take aways from the book for every leader would be:

a)     Nine mega trends that can affect growth, create opportunities and disrupt existing business practices

b)     Eight approaches or ways to growth

While on the face of it most of the things in the book has been extensively spoken about by a variety of people. But what makes Philip and Milton Kotler’s inputs unique is their vantage point – a rather important one: Marketing.

A-to-F  process of innovation (developed by professors Fernando Trias de Bes of Esade and Philip Kotler) is also touched upon. For companies looking to institutionalize innovation,  you may read up a more detailed book on the subject by the above professor.

The book is filled with tips, tricks, techniques, a few frameworks and a lot of approaches. But in my opinion what makes the book interesting is the large set of questions that it poses to the reader. As a CEO, entrepreneur or anyone taking the responsibility of the growth of the enterprise, one or a few of these eight approaches could trigger the creation of your ideal marketing solution.  You will enjoy, relish and benefit from the book if you are seeking inputs to trigger meaningful actions in your marketing and sales function.


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