Interesting Links This Week: 09-June-2013

These are the links that caught my attention this week:450px-Leopard_Lacewing_Cethosia_cyane_Richard_Bartz_

If you thought retirement was the work of senior citizens, here is a different thought

What powers do rituals actually hold within themselves? Understanding this can help us use them to motivate, move and get more work done from ourselves and our team

When you see a butterfly, you instinctly recognise and realise beauty. But they are strong indicator of biodiversity and barometer of water resources


One thought on “Interesting Links This Week: 09-June-2013

  1. The first link is very interesting because in our quest for advancement, we have substantially increased our cost of living and hence the elder generation has to work (in many cases). That’s what has been repackaged as educational transformation, reinventing oneself, and other such interesting words. Of course, educational institutions themselves need to keep finding more avenues like that in order to keep ‘advancing’.

    Destination Infinity

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