The Business On The Net

Any ecommerce venture in India can be considered a hot startup. There is excitement, there is opportunity, there is promise, there is e-commercepotential and there is a huge market.  There are a lot of enabling mega trends as well. But like a typical startup it has assumptions and risks. While on the long term it is clear India’s domestic consumption is going to increase, whether and how the internet will act as a distribution channel remains a question.

In these turbulent conditions, made its entry this week. A veteran in the field of online business enters the playground filled with young and nimble start-ups. With many Indian Start-up’s ecommerce enterprises finding the economics of the game still a puzzle, is Amazon’s 10,000 orders that piled on its day one an indicator of market potential or a threat to existing and emerging players?

While the country rises in affluence and the internet reaches every home and hand-held, there is money going to be spent on convenience. There is a lot of potential but there is also at present a huge lack of strategies that are being formulated and tested. The winner at every stage of this game is going to be the one who has the most agile organization armed with a strong strategy.


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