Flyt’s Flight

A ‘flyt’ was cancelled recently! flipkart flyte

Neither is the spelling a mistake nor was it announced by an airline.  For a market which is used to cancellations, reschedules poor service etc this may not be too much of a surprise. But what we are referring to here is the recent suspension of a particularly future looking service by one India’s popular ecommerce company – Flipkart!

Why did Flipkart suspend this service? Any company cannot exist if its customers don’t patronise its services. Flyt was one such service with respect to electronic content consumption.

What could be possible indicators from the above experiment for Flipkart and the others who are tracking the ecommerce industry?

  • Does it explain the maturity of the Indian online market?
  • Is it an indication of how intellectual property will be received and consumed?
  • Is it an indicator of the true depth for online consumption?
  • Is it an indicator that the internet at present is simply a sales counter for physical goods?

What’s interesting for me is to see what the next set of experiments will be with respect to retailing online content, consumed online and offline electronically. For this will tell us where we are heading with so many startups rushing to the net as their solutions for sustenance and scaling!


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