Internationalization – Beyond The Internet

Looking at the hype around ecommerce and the moderate success being enjoyed by some of the companies, a lot of traditional Rotating_earth_(large)businesses are foraying into the web. While enticing a lot of these businessmen to create website, fan page, twitter handles etc,  is serious business for web development companies, what is it for these traditional enterprises themselves?

Does an ecommerce enabled website a proven route to going global? Is a well designed and enabled website a strategy to gain a share of international trade? What could happen to the web if every enterprise decides to have web presence? Internationalization especially for the emerging enterprise is a luring alternative to tough strategic thinking. While distances have reduced, access has not proportionally increased. This has only led to the rapid proliferation of bad strategy. Going beyond borders should be the result of a well thought out reason and plan .Especially if you are a startup or a small business, whose resources are limited, and for whom wrong experiments can be fatal, time must be spent on why, where, how and for what of going international?

In about a week from now I will be addressing over twenty CEOs from various developing countries on the topic of internationalization. As I  fine tune my thoughts for the presentation I shall also share aspects that I come across on this forum! I am excited about the possible discussions, learning and interesting questions that may crop up at the session. I shall attempt to capture and share these for continued and more lively discussion in this forum post the session!


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