Environment Scanning

Entrepreneurs and CEOs have to learn to see beyond their existing business. Not just to grow but even to stay afloat. The rate at 800px-Binoculars_(PSF)which the socio-economic forces keep changing is making the ride of entrepreneurship more a matter of managing risks than managing opportunities.

To ensure tbat an enterprise stays relevant and thrives in such turbulent environments, fresh skill sets are being explored for leadership. Specifically the aspects of agility and resilience are being discussed more frequently than others. All this is leading to the base assumption that leaders will constantly scan the environment for changes.

From my limited exposure of working with small and medium enterprises and the larger entrepreneurship ecosystem, one thing that I am fairly sure about is that most of the leaders at these companies don’t have any formal and organized approaches to scanning the environment. While agility and resilience are useful skills to develop, without a sound scanning mechanism the intelligence of the response will always be a question. With the information revolution strongly in place and innumerable tools available for free,  the function of scanning should be fairly easy to put in place.  This will throw open early indicators not only for opportunities but for threats as well!


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