Books and Me: Manuscript found in Accra

Book Title:  Manuscript found in Accra Accra

Author:  Paulo Coelho

If you found a bunch of papers  that is over 700 years old – what would you do with them?  Considering the speed of life and the innumerable priorities that fight for our attention the last thing that one would do is attempt to decipher what it has hidden between the seeming scrawls. This book is an exception to the above rule.

Paulo coelho’s books  are always touching emotional and inspiring.  They all speak to us about things that we experience in life.  They answer questions that we keep asking ourselves but let go too soon.  In this book the author has translated a bunch of age old papers,  incidentally containing the wise counsel of a deeply contemplative man.

These discussions were in response to  questions of people like you and me, who were living with uncertainty looming over their heads. One thing that hits you very hard when you read the book is the reality that nothing has changed with the human kind atleast in the last 700 years. This is one point that will remain with me for a long time and make me study and introspect on evolution more deeply.

As you read the book,  you will find questions being posed, by people from different walks of life with different priorities and at different stages of individual growth .  Depending on where you are in the journey you will find yourself relating closely with some of them,.  Irrespective of the question, the wisdom uttered in response will amaze you in multiple ways, multiple times.  For atleast a moment during or post the reading- you may wonder if life can actually be so simple and straight.  However I am sure the priorities and the anxieties of the future, will take over and bring you back. But if you can resist this and stay with the questions for a while you will have the potential of kick-starting the journey of many lifetimes!

Harper Collins have done an amazing job with the book, which by itself could be a reason enough to read this gem!


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