Did we Change Change?



If you have lived even 25 years you would have seen all of the above move past you. Most of the aged people from the earlier generations talk about the many things that have changed in their generation, and how large and significant those changes were. When I heard one of the elderly gentleman mention about the change he witnessed in his lifetime, I was amazed at the amount of changes we have already seen in just two decades and in just one industry.

Is it that every generation ahead is witnessing change at an increasing rate? And is the human race catalyzing the rate of this change? Is this increased rate of change actually making lives happier and better? Or having tampered with the rate of change – have we created something unnatural, due to which instead of our lives becoming more calm it has become unhealthily stressful? Is there something called a natural rate of change – are we missing something here in the name of development?

What are your thoughts?


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