Vedantic Wednesday: Indians Don’t Talk Rights

There have been many affirmation, agreement and discussions around rights and duties post of last week. Incidentally in the Gandhijicourse of the past week I came across a very stunning (for lack of better words – I have to use this adjective) incident which details the power of this life’s law!

In the post World War II era, there began talks about setting up commission for human rights. So a particular group went on to collect letters from major activists and leaders over the world asking them to write their views on human rights. So a request was sent to Mahatma Gandhi too. And the below is the essence of his reply:

“The task you have set to achieve is very worthy. In India however we do not talk about rights. We believe in duties! We do not educate our people to fight for rights. We educate each and every citizen on their duties towards self, others and the nation. For we believe it is only by performing our duties with responsibility can we create a nation where everyone are free and respected. So in India the emphasis that we give is on doing one’s duties. I believe it is by doing one’s duty  can the agenda of human rights or any other social good be achieved!”

Just hearing these words brought in front of my eyes the power in this frail figure. The towering personality encased in the small form. The strength that is derived from his conviction in essential truths of life and living! If there is still any doubt on whether such conviction on right living is possible- next week I shall share one more instance involving the same great man which will remove any doubts whatsoever!

So till next week….


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