Interesting Links This Week: 23-June-2013

Links that made it to my list this week:Roasted_coffee_beans

Getting internships can be one hell of a job in itself, especially if it is in a company like Google. Now you have a movie that explores what it would be like! With 40000 people applying to get into the 1500 intern positions – its a competitive exam in itself. Here are some thoughts why it makes sense to try. For entrepreneurs some ideas on how to attract and utilize top quality talent during internship. Link:

Negotiation is always a tough skill to pick. This is truly a differentiating skill when it comes to the tough competitive environment in which we are attempting to thrive today. A surprising revelation on the subject from the maverick Steve Jobs. This is a subject you learn by observing and apprenticing under someone. Here are some tips. Link:

I always take the example of retailing coffee to explain value proposition and perception in the mind of the consumers. Nowhere else in my opinion can you see transformation of trade so strikingly.  This article on how Starbucks approaches innovation crept into this list for this and many other reasons (which you may also discover!)


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