My Third Book – Essentials Of Entrepreneurship

With humility and immense gratitude, I wish to share with you the news of upcoming release of my third book – “Essentials of essentials of entrepreneurship.rpgEntrepreneurship”.  

After the release of my Second Book “Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice”, I got many requests from academicians, students and associations for an introductory level primer on entrepreneurship.  It is this encouragement and enthusiastic response from the faculty and students, that launched me on the journey of putting together this book. This book has been created with the intention of providing a run through of the essentials of the subject. The book is slated to release by end of June 2013.

This book has been created with the intention of providing a run through of the essentials of the subject. An organized study of entrepreneurship has always been debated, because of the great degree of the ‘doing’ aspect of the subject. It also has emerged from the area of management science. Though the subject is at its infancy, it is also assuming its rightly deserved place as an inter-disciplinary rather multi disciplinary science. Hence the subject undergoes changes, rather rapidly in comparison with other older subjects. The book attempts to provide the reader a sound introduction to the various aspects that comprise the subject of entrepreneurship.

The book is structured to mimic the real journey of entrepreneurship – from opportunity sighting to managing and growing the venture. The book intersperses concepts, frameworks, examples, statistics, references and illustrations to help students understand and connect to the topic that is being studied. The caselets and the profile of entrepreneurs provided towards the end of the book aims to ignite and inspire thoughts around entrepreneurship. Apart from chapter end review questions, there are an ample number of solved question papers and a fully solved paper to help students negotiate the demand of the curriculum. Designed to align to the undergraduate syllabus of many leading universities, this book will serve as a primer for the uninitiated students, taking the subject for the first time.

For more information on the book, please feel free to contact me ( or the publishers Vijay Nicole.


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