The Himalayan Downpour

Are the number of natural calamities in the world increasing? Is the frequency of occurrence of natural calamities in B_Id_394701_kedarnath-floodedproportion to the rate of development? Is the intensity of nature’s fury an equal response to what we dole out to her?

What’s happening in Himalayas, especially in the state of Himachal Pradesh is like a Tsunami in the mountains.  While debates can be had over every aspect surrounding the event , one thing stands out as the bitter truth: there is a limit to how much human beings can plan and control.  While many of us may disagree to accept and continue to think and use science as the solution, nature’s response to our actions seems to have more manifestations than we can ever imagine.

While national debates on television is on how good/bad is our preparedness to recover from disaster and who should have been responsible to do this, nobody seems to consider going to the root cause of the issue.

Who is causing imbalance in nature for more and more of such occurrences? Can science and technology which discovers and utilizes nature’s gifts for improving life, actually control and define nature itself? How should policy actually handle nature’s backlash to our actions?

It is not nature against man – today or ever. Nature is not an avenging force.  What we are seeing are just reactions to our continuous tweaking and interference with nature. What we are seeing is but a natural response to our attempt to make nature submit to human wants!

As Mahatma Gandhi said ” There is enough for everyone’s need but not for anybody’s greed!”


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