Books and Me: Guidance From The Guru

Book Title:  Guidance from the Guru 1112_117_scan0004

Author:  Sadguru Swami Tapovan

Very little literature truly exists of the numerous Himalayan sages. While a lot is heard about the existence of realized masters, meditative and introspective sages, very little of their thoughts are available to the common man. Even sparse are those which are available in print version.

This collection of eighteen letters written by Swami Tapovan to a couple who were householder devotees (Mrs and Mr Chandrasekhara Menon)  is indeed a treasure house of advice. While masters are of many kinds, a few belong to the school of “few words”. This master is one such! And when these masters speak,  if you are not attentive and listening –you could miss out entirely on those snippets that have the power to change your life and living! The letters are filled with practical tips to lead a spiritual life.

Swami Tapovanam, is known to a lot of Mahatmas as ‘The Vibhuti of the Himalayas’. You may easily recognize him as Swami Chinmayananda’s guru. This slender volume is a must read for anyone living in the world, with worldly duties but still with intense desire to be peaceful, happy and know- god.

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