What is your priority?

Priorities are not what you talk about as priorities. 

Priority is not what you list as prioritiesbaby1

Priority is not what you discuss every day as priorities

What you do every day is a reflection of your priority.

During the course of my interactions with entrepreneurial CEOs of emerging companies I am always perplexed as to how much they have thought about their priorities and how little they have done something about their priorities.  What makes one who knows his priorities not act on it?  This is a question worth pondering on, because if you are like most people you would end another year wondering why the most important thing on your list remains undone. So the next time you want to know what is somebody’s priority (even if it is your own) don’t ask or don’ listen, but look at the actions that have happened over the last one month.

Actions not words are a reflection of priorities!


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