Vedantic Wednesday: Value Alignment

What is correct? What is permissible? What is ethical? These are unanswerable questions. So to answer these, what we do is brendan-the-judgemental-dog-jera-skydefine an average. That is laws and rules by which we evaluate, categorise, and judge others. We are so confused that very often we get into situations wherein the person eating chicken admonishes the butcher for being cruel.

How much of truth is truth? What is honesty? What is morality? The shades that these terms take are innumerable. So how does one be at peace with this system that attempts to average out something that cannot be quantified? It is only by leading your life with your set of values. As long as you do not have a conflict with YOUR value system, your life will be fine. There is no compulsion or obligation for you to be in line with someone else’s value system. In the same way nobody has the need or the necessity to measure upto your judging scale. Understanding this has implication both in our personal life and business.

When you define a set of values which you want people associated in your business to upkeep, you must understand that there will be people who do not agree with you.  You have two choices then – take them in and convert them or allow them to go their way. While the first one is what most of do in our organization by force fitting value alignment, it is the second one that makes a stronger organization on the long run.

Your selection process for not just employees but also vendors, partners and even customers should seek those who have a natural fit with your value system. Associating with everyone and then trying to align forcefully value systems of these entities through coercion, convincing or dictatorship is not really viable in reality.  However it does sound very promising and encouraging superficially. Hence very often we see ourselves in life and business judging and evaluating, conforming and aligning all the time!


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