Go Organic!

I am not talking about green marketing or selling of organic products.  I am making an earnest pitch to those social mediaembracing social media to build their community, fans, tribes etc organically.  In an attempt to be interesting and show ways to gain quick results number of people are recommending highly inorganic methods for growing online influence. Examples:

  • Paying money and buying facebook likes and/or twitter following
  •  Following as many people on twitter as possible expecting the same reciprocation
  • Asking people to write positive reviews for freebies

I am sure many of you would have heard many more tips along these lines than what are stated above.

If one watches the online space and look at people who have a credible following and influence, they are all those who have developed it in an organic manner. They have taken time to pursue their passion in the offline world, share their genuine interests in the online medium, allowed their messages to take time going viral and waited for people to find them, follow them and give them permission to influence them.  This in my opinion is organic strategy in social media. If you are in for the long haul you should be wise enough to ignore “Get rich quick” scheme equivalents and follow the proven sound organic strategies showcased by number of success stories.

So the next time you choose to do something in the online space, do something that you really feel about, do it creatively, do it repeatedly and reinforce it by living it offline! Influence and impact are then obvious outcomes


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