Books and Me: The Upside of Turbulence

Book Title: The Upside of TurbulenceThe Upside of Turbulence

Author:  Donald Sull

If strategy does not result in action that strategy is of little use to anyone. One of the biggest qualms against strategy has been its perceived abstractness. This is one of those books on strategy that’s definitely an exception.

Unlike books that are centered around a single framework, this book contains a whole bunch of frameworks that can be put to use by entrepreneurs as well as CEOs. Understanding turbulence has almost become a necessary skill for every business leader. What differentiates the winners from the rest is the ability to see changes quickly, be agile to handle them and resilient in responding to them. The book contains simple tools to help leaders handle all the three skills mentioned above. How reinforcing commitments results in active inertia, how ingrained traits and practices blind us from recognising anomalies, how organizational structure can help stay nimble and responsive, how agility can be achieved in a repeatable manner at all levels of the enterprise, how constantly maintaining alignment between intent and action can help build agile institutions, how to avoid corporate mid-life crisis and so on….

Each of the above aspects and many more are detailed with clear actionable advice. The discussion across all topics start at the strategic level and clearly translates to last mile tactics.  At many timnes during the reading of the book, you will be forced to stop and do a quick check on some aspect of your business. Every time you do this some surprising trigger is bound to tick off.  The book is filled with examples of a variety of kinds. The writing is intellectually stimulating and the style that of a true scholar.  This is definetly not the easy book on strategy to read, but who said anything worthwhile is easy?


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