Interesting Links This Week: 7th July 2013

This week it is four and not three which made it to my top list:800px-Arashiyama_Hanatōro

A lot of the entrepreneurs and small business CEOs shy away from strategy. This is because they don’t understand it and more because they have been given a lot to misunderstand about it by people who are not so well informed about the subject. Here is a short and succinct post on “What Strategy is not?” – I would recommend CEOs to start knowing what it is not – in the hope that it will increase their curiosity to know what it could be? Link:

If you are a writer of any sort (probably an artist of any sort) you may find this interesting. How can new media be used for enhancing creativity? This is an evolving area and any help is welcome. Hope you will find it as interesting as I did. Link:

Africa is quietly emerging. Here is another short write up on the many opportunities it could throw up to entrepreneurs. Link:

Low cost may not be the best way to compete especially if you are small. So what do small and medium enterprises do to not just survive but thrive? Here is a beautiful case on what you can do!! Link:


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