Plans gather dust

I am very surprised that this is used as as reason for skipping planning sessions. The reason people don’t invest money in filesplanning sessions and strategy making is because most of the time, they gather dust. But the reason they gather dust is because of only two reasons:

(i) They have not been developed in such a way that they degenerate into action

(ii) The team to execute it (starting with CEO) don’t have the discipline to follow it

Both of these are not the problem with planning and strategy formulation as activities. They are skill issues that can be handled by engaging the right resources.  But if a company fails to address these two issues, the loss is just too large to measure.


One thought on “Plans gather dust

  1. Totally agree with you, Raj! Sometimes, the Management Team bites more than what they can chew – And it can all be traced back to your Reason #1 – No actionable steps. Time to go GTD for all companies? 🙂

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