Books and Me: Solitude

Book Title: Solitude189_169_solitude(f)

Author: Collection of Articles published by Central Chinmaya Mission Trust

This less than 100 page book is not as small as it looks. This is for two reasons:

  1. Font Size
  2. Depth of the Subject Matter

I picked this book because of my intrinsic interests in silence and solitude.  The irony is that to describe it you need words and sounds.  So every time I find material relating to the subject of silent and/or solitude,  invariably it lands on my desk.  To be read and contemplated on at the earliest, nudging its way to the top of my reading list.

In today’s highly interconnected world, silence and solitude are not subjects that are experienced by many. It probably does not excites or interests many because, of our tendency to be social.  How can you know the world and the world know you if you are not social? Why should one experience silence? Why should one experience solitude? What are the results of the above experiences? What is its effect on the human mind? Is it worth living that way at all? These and many other questions form the basis of may articles in this collection.

The publishers of the book have brought together hand-picked writings of eminent thinkers, philosophers and realised masters.  The articles are divided in three parts which are interestingly titled as ‘Purification through Solitude’, ‘Living in Solitude’ and ‘Solitude amidst the many’.

The book is a gem  and anyone including the most extroverted will find connects and take-aways.


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