How to enable people find you?

I keep getting requests on how to build a good network? How to get contacts? How to make people notice us? All of these foundquestions become relevant in today’s landscape because:
(a) there is greater access to people and institutions
(b) there is lesser attention with everybody
(c) there are too many people / objects vying for this reduced and further reducing attention span

So in this absolutely competitive attention grabbing situation how are you going to get noticed?

While all of the above has changed, the rules of who gets noticed has not changed! Look around and see who is getting attention. It is the person who is most visible. It is the person who makes the most useful contribution. It is the person who is easily accessible. It is the person who is interesting. It is the person who is most interested. It is the person who you can relate to.

In earlier days  many of the links between two people were controlled by various agencies – namely advertisers, PR agencies, executive assistants, etc.,. But with the internet in place, most (if not all) of these links have been eliminated. Any two people can now be easily connected almost directly. But why are you then not able to find  the right person and also get found? The problem is with some of the absolute issues. Ask yourself the following questions before complaining and giving up:

  • Are you doing work that deserves attention?
  • Are you consistent at what you are doing? OR Are you holding on to that one thing and waiting to be found?
  • Are you talking about your ideas passionately?
  • Are you talking about your ideas enough and frequently?
  • Are you meeting enough people who share similar interests?
  • Are you on the right mediums where these ideas can be found?

These are just the questions to begin with! If you are not doing enough, probably you are not doing enough to be found. In today’s world of permission driven attention, if you don’t get permission, you are not near being found. And after gaining the permission, if you are not able to hold the attention by being genuinely passionate about what you do – you have lost the connection forever.


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