Vedantic Wednesday: On Guru Purnima

It’s been a week of celebration. Many of us in a variety of manner have expressed our gratitude to our Guru, on the occasion ofguru Guru Purnima. I too had an opportunity to meet my guru this Monday, the day of Guru Purnima to express my gratitude towards his benevolence and the silent shaping of my thoughts and actions.

In general, Guru is a much needed person in our quest for any type of knowledge. But he gains immense significance when it comes to our spiritual pursuits. In this Guru influences us in two key ways. First he holds our hands as he opens to us slowly and systematically questions that lead us to unravel the mysteries that lie deep within. Second, he holds our hands as we falter in the journey, tend to slip back into the earlier ways or doubt the tenacity of truth. He tells us through silence that he is there for us and with us in our journey.

On this occasion of Guru Purnima, let’s salute the galaxy of sages and masters who have taken it upon themselves to uplift mankind by patiently holding our hands and leading us to the altar of higher evolution. Let’s take a minute to express our gratitude to the graciousness of our guru-shishya parampara that has enabled transferring of the highest knowledge so faithfully across so many generations  – a miracle indeed in itself!

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