“Giving Up” to Achieve

When people know what is the challenge, what is the solution, what is needed to make it happen, practically everything to let gomake something happen – why do they end up not getting it done? This is one of the interesting thoughts that came up in one of my recent sessions with students of a business school. Most of the smart students of management know everything but still struggle even to keep themselves in a job, figure a role that they have always dreamt of, start the business that is always at the back of the mind, and many other things that goes unfinished and undone! It is the same case with entrepreneurs and business owners! Why?

I love asking ‘why’ all the time in classes and workshops! There is no better tool in management studies to understand problems better and figure possible solutions better! So when this discussion started I kept prodding at my young smart future managers for a better answer and somewhere along the way, one meek voice said ‘we don’t want to give up’ – and I caught on to it. I loved it when he said it, it seemed like a ‘aha’ moment. So I went on with my leading questions method to running sessions and we ended up identifying so many things that we are bothered about giving up, which is actually the reason why so many smart people don’t end up cracking the challenges for which they seem to know the solution so well. Here are some of the things people don’t like giving up:

  • past success or failure
  • inhibitions
  • mindsets
  • achievements
  • assets
  • resources
  • ideas
  • plans
  • products / services
  • areas of work

While we stopped the discussion and moved on to other topics to be covered in the syllabus – what made me wonder even further was that we knew even this!

The problem with knowing is that, the ‘how’ we know what we know matters! The extent to which you have developed perspectives to look at what you know and accept what you don’t know matters!

Getting back to where we started, we concluded that we can all succeed if we only decide to accept that to gain anything in life, something must be given up. Is there something deeper in this? I think so… And I will leave it for you to think as well…

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