On what do you keep your ‘to-do’ lists?

I keep my ‘to-do’ lists on a well bound soft cover A-5 size notebook. I use this because I keep the notebook with me all productivitythrough the day. I use it for my lists and also for taking notes. I tried keeping all of these separately but found that I had to carry so many of them that the very thought seemed discomforting. Keeping one note book helps!

I find people using their phones (smart ones) to keep their lists. I think it is a smart thing to do as it is rare to find one moving around without the phone. So if you are comfortable with the phone, its software and its interface, it is a great tool to use. There are also number of free and paid apps to help you manage lists. The sheer number of apps tells me how many people must still be attempting to crack the code to use this simple but powerful tool. Try them and find one which is most suitable for the kind of lists you maintain. But if you are like some of us who still feel uncomfortable keeping lists and managing lists on the phone, then go back to the earlier option – a right sized notebook and a pen.

Laptops are powerful devices but may not be the best for managing ‘to-do’ lists. I have found people keeping it on their laptops, but somehow find that most people are not all the time with their laptops in power on mode. So when they are travelling or waiting (which are both in tremendous increase) you may find it difficult to add and/or tick-ff items on the ‘to-do’ list. The trouble with trying to remember till you reach your list on the computer is not worth the effort as that’s exactly what we are trying to avoid by using them! So my advice is to find either one of the above options, whichever is more suitable for you and practice it.

Trial and error works till you find the right tool for yourself. But beyond that you must make it a routine to derive maximum benefit. I haven’t come across too many productivity tools that are as simple, so easy and so powerful in enhancing one’s effectiveness and efficiency.

So try it if you haven’t used it or restart it if you stopped using one!

Once you start ticking-off items from your list, its too difficult to stop using one!

Good Luck in getting productive.


2 thoughts on “On what do you keep your ‘to-do’ lists?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Went through your site. Found it interesting! Thanks for sharing the link with us

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