Ecosystem is never the problem

The only thing that differentiates a human being from all other species, is his ability to make a choice. The Chainfunction to think enables him to choose. But seldom does a person put this function to use and actually make a choice. Even when it seems that a choice has been made consciously, it is more often just a misunderstanding. As he often finds himself in a situation where there is but one path available. And in this process he feels pressurized and pushed.

Whenever a student, a professional or an entrepreneur comes to me for mentoring, coaching or brainstorming, they typically feel they are being victimized by their situation.  According to them almost all their situations have been created and forced upon them by their environment or what I refer to as the ecosystem.

Every time you blame the ecosystem, you are indirectly making a commitment to remain stuck in the same ecosystem.  You now have enough excuses to not act and make choices. You are happy believing you are not the reason for both what’s happening and not happening to you . Not making a choice, you remain stuck and without your own knowledge you also feel secure in such stance.

Take the life of any successful sportsman, professional, scientist or artist and you will very often they were not born into the most suitable or encouraging ecosystem. Most of them left their ecosystem and environments to find places that were more suitable. They were able to uproot themselves from safety and security and put themselves at risks in new environments only because, they were so sure about what they wanted to dedicate their lives to. They had found their reason for existence.

The reason why most people complain about their environment and demand innumerable changes in that environment to make their possibilities more probable is because they have not found their calling.  Far from the calling, they also do not have firm conviction on what they ought to do.

So before you blame your ecosystem for tying you down or you find yourself lending your ear to similar outbursts, stop and figure out the veracity of the statement. Find out if you know what your calling is and if you have the courage to do what it takes!


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