Perfection Vs Intolerance

Another pair of words that often is confused, misused and abused for the sake of convenience. While many shy awayperfection from the concept of perfection saying it is irrelevant in today’s fast changing world –  the truth is perfection is not for the masses and perfection can’t be common to the masses. Under the pretext of perfection what people practice today is actually intolerance.  So the next time you decide to use perfection as an excuse be sure you have understood the meaning of the two words.

Intolerance is the inability to allow any happening that is against one’s wishes or expectations.  Perfection is the power to resist anything that comes in the way of allowing something to become complete. To understand the above statements and their inherent meaning one needs to stay with the words and reflect on them for a while. Try it and you will appreciate the difference. And understanding this in work, art and life could lend a much larger meaning!


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