Books and Me: The Strategy Book

Book Title: The Strategy BookMcKeown

Author:  MAX McKEOWN

Most  strategy books are not accessible to the practitioner group.  This has made strategy as a subject fairly inaccessible and misunderstood. While this has translated into reasonable business for strategy experts and consultants, it has also stunted the wide spread use of strategy as a tool across institution of every kind. Good strategy can result into good policies and large benefits for not just the institution but the society and world at large.  And this book is a step in this right direction.

If the word strategy brings to your mind confusing meanings and ideas, then this is the book to read.  Even as a strategy researcher, practitioner and teacher I found the book very enjoyable and practical.  Right from aspects such as defining what strategy is, who the strategist is, how strategy gets made, how strategy gets translated into action and how to ensure strategy works is all covered in byte sized chapters with a common structure. Every chapter picks on one specific concept, provides the objective, the context, the challenge, the success and the pitfalls of putting it to practice.  A short case in point makes it easier to understand the application in real life.  With every chapter is a short checklist for the strategist to ensure he or she is using the right tools and putting the tool to its right use.  The closing topic of every chapter is titled “Related Ideas” which leads you to further reading on the specific concept.

What separates ‘The Strategy Book’ from most other books on strategy is that it does not restrict itself to a particular school of strategic thinking. It provides a balance overview, while stating the pros and cons behind all approaches.  The last part of the book titled “The strategy book toolkit” provides the author’s selection of about two dozen frameworks from the field of strategic thinking.  They contain a good representation of all aspects of strategy. I am sure the book will make it easy to quickly dip in and pick out the aspect of strategy that could worry a practitioner. While it serves as a good primer on strategy for every practitioner it will also serve the larger role as desktop reference for both strategy formulators and practitioners.


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