Interesting Links This Week: 04-Aug-2013

My top links for this week:

Have you ever wondered how to use social media tools intelligently? Especially if you are an author, are you using theMacro_Flower_2 social media tools to find new readers and engage existing reader? If you are not or  if you are finding the going tough, here are some thoughts that could help. Link:

Google SVP Jonathan Rosenberg is one of the important people who practice innovation in the world. How does he ensure his team remains open to ideas and be consistently successful at innovation? Here at a talk given to his alma mater he opens up on what makes innovation a success at Google and how we can take a few lessons to achieve success in innovation ourselves. Link:

Career advice is always helpful! But when you look at some of the ideas presented here, it looks more like advice to plan life to be lived well and fully. Check it out and take whatever portions you liked. Link:


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