Can Leadership Position Be Shared?

Can you have two drivers for one car?opposite

Can you have two presidents for one nation?

Can you have two white kings in your chess set?

– And what happens if you actually have two of them? In today’s world of shared vision, shared purpose, shared goals – shared leadership is but another term. However in reality can leadership be ever shared?

The position of the leader is at the helm of affairs. The position of the leader is one that defines the direction. The position of the leader is one that sets the tone. The position of the leader is from where one takes forward the organization. By this very definition, leadership position is one that is right on top (rather right at the front) – and this definition does not permit it to be occupied by more than one.

Which is why you have one chairman, one president, one governor and one white king in your chess set. They represents the apex power – the power to lead. In our earnest interests to energize our people and our institutions we go around talking about shared leadership. In our innocence we all forget leadership as a position cannot be shared. There is and should be only one leader at the helm.

But then what can actually be shared? What is then meant by shared leadership? Rather what should the term shared leadership mean actually?  What are your thoughts?  Let me know!


One thought on “Can Leadership Position Be Shared?

  1. This is the model that Wipro tried and failed badly at it. I am not sure about shared leadership at one level, but on multiple levels, it can be implemented. Also, you can look at having a shared vision towards which everyone contributes.

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