Vedantic Wednesday: Think before you eat

We are what we consume! That statement is true at every level of our visualization. But the easiest to understand is at the level of the body. Our body is highly dependent on the food that we consume on a regular basis. I once heard an entrepreneur from the baby food industry making a presentation for funding. During her presentation she harped on the aspect of healthy eating and quality food products. She made an interesting reference to an old French quote which closely meant this: “We bite our way to the grave”. So true isn’t it? While there are many deeper connotations to that statement why do we not consciously choose what we bite into? Why do we wait for an external indicator to tell us that we should moderate our consumption?

Vedanta says that its just one of the effects of an under developed intellect. If we develop our intellect, we will think before we act. In this case we will think before we eat. We will identify what is good for the body and what isn’t. Since nothing happens too soon in nature, if we can take corrective measures to our eating habits, our health can immediately respond. Our bodies are wondrous equipments provided to us for our life on Earth. During this time we should take care of it and provide it with the right type of food and exercise. This will keep it in good condition for us to travel the entire length of our journey, the journey back to our source. An objective mind makes it possible for us to eat objectively. As my granny used to say, “When over consumed, even nectar is poison”!

Instead of trying to control diet why not think, question and ask why we eat what we eat? This will help us become wise, so as to choose the right diet. This will also enable us make our way towards higher goals in life.

Think and Try it!


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