Books and Me: Zen in the art of writing

Book Title: Zen in the art of writingzenintheartofwriting

Author: Ray Bradbury

Here are some of the reasons on why I bought this book

  1. The word Zen in the title
  2. It’s about the art of writing
  3. The tag line read ‘Releasing the creative genius within you’
  4. It’s a book about celebration, inspiration and passion for writing

The first time I picked the book to read, I put it back even before finishing a few pages. Just like everybody else I had built my expectation. The style of writing was far from what I normally read and what I normally write.  Because of these reasons and many such others, the book sat on my table for a few weeks.  On one of those days when I decided to read a book in full, I picked this once again. I think the lure was its size but this time I was totally engaged.

A person who writes short stories, fiction etc in all likeliness will enjoy and relate to the book, while also taking away tips and tricks. Being a writer in the space of strategy and entrepreneurship, I did not really find many tips and tricks to take away. But as a writer, thinker and as an aspiring artist I took away one solid learning – Inspiration! And for that alone this book becomes invaluable.

The book is a clarion call to be an artist.  What seems on the face of it as ramblings, has inside it a soul stirring effect as you keep delving deep and moving towards the end of the book. While there are beautiful anecdotes, quotes and stories what I think is the deepest and subtlest lesson is this aspect of “Work – Relaxation – Don’t Think – Further-Relaxation…” . This aspect of getting lost in work or practicing “Wise Passiveness” creates what the author calls as a new definition for work: “Love”

I am terribly inspired by the call of the author to listen to that inner voice and to live that artist life.  Thank you Ray Bradbury for doing this!


One thought on “Books and Me: Zen in the art of writing

  1. I read this book a while ago and am due for a re-read I think. What I love about this book is that it not only has practical advice but also (more importantly imo) does a great job of rousing the spirit of of writing within the reader. The problem I had while reading it is that part of me wanted to put the book down and get writing :D.

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