Interesting Links This Week: 11-Aug-2013

Links that I liked this week:

Can you imagine a 5 year old creating a product and making it available in the market as a commercially viable Cute_dogsproduct? All this without having a company! A company called ‘Quirky’ is making this possible. Read on. Link:

Why did Apple have to buy Locationary? Sometime back Apple CEO had to apologize for the inadequately performing ‘Maps’ application on its phone. Tim Cook will want to ensure that Apple’s Map feature matches up and exceeds competitors on this function too. With Locationary now within the company, this seems a fair possibility. Here is a story. Link:

Can you imagine using the spare room in your house as a ‘Bed and Breakfast’ option for a complete stranger to spend the night in? Do you think people will trust strangers staying the night at their spare room just because they can make some money? How does the ‘trust’ develop? This is exactly what has done. Very interesting story about the ‘sharing economy’ by Thomas L Friedman. Inspiring story for entrepreneurs to take some serious lessons from! Link:


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