Even Einstein Needed a Driver

Nothing in the world gets done by itself, even if it may seem at times as possible. The coconut tree stands seemingly Einstein1921_by_F_Schmutzer_2without any support growing to several hundred feet in height. But without the earth, the various beings inside the earth and the sun – can it stand like that even for a minute? While the contribution of the earth towards the tree standing may seem passive, it cannot be denied.

Even the most creative people need a good supporting system to create art. A choreographer needs good music (good musicians), good dancers, good lighting, good stage makers etc to create a dance. If any of these disturb the thought flow of the creative person – the world loses the opportunity to experience happiness in a new art form.  In that large sense I am sure, even Einstein’s driver contributed to the making of Einstein!

If you are an artiste do you have an enabling ecosystem? If you are an ecosystem contributor (which we all will be for someone) have you played a positive role in the creation of an artiste today? Have you been Einstein’s driver for the next Einstein in making even for just one moment? Even that contribution is important, needed and will be remembered.


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