But why did Einstein Employ a Driver?

The answer seems obvious, isn’t it? Why does anyone employ a driver? It is because we find driving stressful, 7902_Albert_Einstein_driver_licensewe don’t like driving or in some cases it is just a lifestyle requirement. But my guess is Einstein could have had a different reason for employing his driver.  In my humble opinion Einstein employed his driver because he had better things to do with his mind then focus on driving the car around the city. Einstein employed his driver because he valued what he was attempting to do. Einstein employed his driver because he wanted to do ONLY what he was set to do. Doing anything else to him was a waste of time.

We see many of people, especially entrepreneurs try and do many things by themselves under the name of bootstrapping, cost cut, scarce resource availability etc.  You can often hear many strut that they do most of the work from design, to marketing through HR and administration themselves. And it is the same set of people who wonder why despite all their efforts they are not seeing results. If your strength is in design, the more time you focus on it – better will the output be. If your strength is in sales – you might as well do only that while leave the rest to someone else. This focus on what you are set out to do coupled with the ability to hive off in your value-chain all other activities to more appropriately competent resources is a strategy that has worked more number of times than failed. So to be successful, you need to understand what your contribution to the cause is, value the contribution, create a team and an ecosystem that will enable, facilitate and add to the cause by doing all other things.

And to do this – the conviction and belief in what you are creating as value, by doing what you are good at is the key. If Einstein was to doubt if solving the puzzles that science posed to him was of little use – he would definitely have been driving his own car. Right?


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