Independence Day, 2013

15th of August is declared as India’s independence day. Last evening when I was at a client’s meeting I watched a indian-flagnumber of people having pinned the national flag on their chest. It also looked like a lot of organizations use the opportunity to have ethnic day celebrations. As I was having coffee in one of these dinning halls, I happened to overhear a few snippets of conversations. They were all about clothes, movies and what their individual plans were for the forthcoming holidays.

Should people spend time thinking about Independence – on independence day? Should people spend time thinking about the nation on independence day? Is this the day where everyone must ask themselves the famous question – that a past president of US raised decades ago ‘Ask not what the country has done for you – Ask what you have done for the country?’  Without getting too emotional and complaining about the degeneration of patriotism amongst the current generation, the lack of interest about it in the next generation let me share with you one observation that maybe worthy of reflection.

Vedanta, constantly declares that freedom is a state that we are inherently in. Most of us don’t think or act so. We feel constrained by our environments, our ecosystems, our relationships, our education, our jobs, and even our own selves. Where is freedom in midst of all this? While we do complain about it once in a while there is no initiative to experience true freedom.  True freedom from what is the question that should arrest our interest, atleast for today,

True freedom from our own past, from our bias, from our conditioning, from our own narrow thoughts is the answer.  Spiritual pursuits (not religious) enable us  go towards true freedom.  Since we can share only what we have, let us try to spend time finding freedom for ourselves and then spend the lifetime sharing it, helping others find it.

Happy Independence Day!


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