Interesting Links This Week: 18-Aug-2013

With social media becoming widely believed to be the resource constrained marketers tool to fight larger competitors617px--_Flower_19_- – will niche networks help? While on one hand the number of followers on twitter or fans of facebook is a measure of your popularity, do they turn into revenue? Will niche networks with lesser but focused participation solve this challenging correlation? Here are some thoughts. Link: 

Samsung recently enhanced its efforts under the banner of “Open Innovation” by launching an accelerator in the Silicon Valley! Why would Samsung want to do this, especially at a time when its innovation programs are doing well. They want to utilize the startup ecosystem to strengthen their feeder for innovations related to software. This can then be funneled into all their products. Sounds like corporate are exploring the use of entrepreneurial talent in a variety of ways. I am sure this is just another step in that direction. We are sure there is more to see than this. Here is one interesting article on it:

Life Sciences is an emerging domain. But the entrepreneurs starting up are mostly scientists and technically oriented minds. So many find it difficult to take off and become commercially viable. Here are some tips from people who crossed the chasm. Link:


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