Landmark Sale 2013

I did not make as many trips to the landmark sale this year as I would have usually done. Being a bibliophile and a voraciouslandmark-sale reader, I used to find the landmark sale exciting for multiple reasons. The first one is the pleasure of being in the midst of so many books. It was also a chance to get books that don’t normally make themselves visible during normal days.  Rare titles, collectibles and highly discounted costly books are easy to find in this sale.  But this year I found the sale not so exciting- atleast not in books.  I found very less titles, and not many of them deeply discounted.  Infact some of the books were cheaper in the online stores, even after the discount offered by the store as a part of its sales. Is this an indicator of a larger trend in the offing?

Are large bookstores, becoming a thing of the past? Is the book retailing business holding on to an already disrupted model? Is it time for the book retailing business to see some serious business model innovation?

I would always want physical book stores to exist. Landmark has always been a much loved bookstore for me. I hope to see Landmark and many other bookstores find innovative ways to thrive in today’s competitive markets.  I hope the 2014 sales will be more exciting. Book stores as a business, needs a makeover Will landmark lead the pack?


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