Are E-Commerce Sites the new stock markets?

Over the last year, I have been buying a lot of my books online.  Many times while I was at bookstores, I was ecommercetempted to check the price online before deciding to pick up a book.  This habit came about because of the deep discounts that online bookstores started offering for the same titles.  The delivery of books was so quick and easy that it still remains  a delight to see a book land at your doorstep before you expect it. All this has made me do most of my book shopping online.

But over the last few months, I have begun observing an unusual habit that I engage in. I look up the prices offered for the same title now across online stores. I try to find who is offering the deepest discounts and I end up buying from them. It is almost equivalent to what our mothers used to do in real world – look up multiple stores before making a purchase. But the most surprising thing that I engaged myself in very recently was visiting the online bookstores almost everyday. I keep looking up at the same titles everyday. The discounts on the products, namely books in my case kept varying. A couple of times when the book was not a hurry I ended up waiting for it to touch a reasonable discount, deep enough for me to believe that it can’t go lower.  So I started tracking the prices everyday and waited to buy on the day it drops the most. I found this almost equivalent to trying to buy a stock on the day that the stock price dips the most. At times, I feel bad that I couldn’t catch the lowest price.

Are E-Commerce sites becoming the newest stock markets?


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