When is social media engagement highest?

Most of us are on social media networks. It is very rare to find somebody who is not on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,shake Pinterest, Tumblr and so on.  It is very rare to find somebody who does not spend a little time online everyday. All of us send out emails, post messages, tweet, pinup pictures etc. But of all the stuff that appears on your feed across all the media channels, very few evoke a response.  Most of the responses are necessary social responses such as greetings and wishes. Does this mean there are no interactions beyond personal relationships? No!

There are still blog posts that get viewed by millions, that get commented by the thousands, that gets shared by the hundreds and get written about in the tens. No, I am not clinging onto the numbers stated above. They are merely indicative. But there are tweets, pinups, photo albums, blog posts, Facebook updates etc which make people speak up. When then is social media engagement the highest?

It is when you speak about what you truly care about.  It  is when  people speak something which resonates in the reader on seeing your message. It is when people for whom that message is intended derive meaning and value. Every once in a while, every one of us spontaneously liked a post, commented on a blog or re-tweeted a nice quote. What made us do it?

It is the same thing that makes the other person do it to our messages. So if you are planning to make the social media an inherent part of your life and business utilize it for a reason. Reach out to people for whom your cause and concern makes meaning.  Then engagement is an obvious outcome. It can also result in magical thing happening well and beyond the online world. 


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