Books and Me: Meatball Sundae

Book Title: Meatball Sundaemeatball-sundae

Author: Seth Godin

This is not Seth Godin’s latest book.  But I decided to re-look at it and re-read it as my work with entrepreneurs increased with respect to their marketing and sales problems.  Meatball Sundae is one of those typical Seth Godin writings, where he provides glaring and loud trends which are actually facts, but one’s that are seen as contrarian thoughts by most others.

The book makes a case, a rather strong one for marketers to re-look at their marketing efforts.  While a lot regarding the customers – on the way they read, the way they buy, the way they consume, the way they pay, the way they influence, the way they communicate and the way they decide has changed, marketers still seem to be stuck to some archaic approaches.

The 14 trends cited in the book may not be all new, but they definitely should trigger changes in your approach to the way you want to market yourself and your products or services.  The book is filled with examples of businesses, of companies that have in their own way leveraged some of these strengths and created remarkable brands and businesses.  While it is not a ‘How To’ book,  it is a very serious ‘What To’ book, which will in turn help you decide how tot thrive in the market.

I must state that I am a fan of Seth Godin and hence always provide a very positively biased review of his works. Why wouldn’t I ? For he has through his work converted me to be a fan.   But even all this cannot remove the fact that this book is truly a gem that is to be relished, consumed and put to practice. 


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