The Sheen and the Shallow

How many times have you sat through presentations and wondered gift“Good Presentation! Bad Content!” Very rarely do we walk out saying the reverse. Why is it so?

The emphasis on packaging, design, user interface, image and perception are all being hailed as the most important aspects in any product.  Rightly So! Why would you even be attracted to a bad looking product in the first place? But the point we missed while gaining this learning was that packaging becomes important after creation of a great product.  Be it an individual, product or service, packaging can only gain initial attention.  But the reason why people come back, refer back and contact back is because of what’s inside.Apple products are ‘Cool’ and attractive.  But the systems inside also perform meticulously as expected.

The irrationally placed importance on packaging has reduced the importance of efforts placed on the content.  People spend more time dressing themselves up , learning flamboyant words and finding the latest presentation software than spending time on the content being presented. While I do not deny the importance of packaging, I think it is very important to focus on the content. This is because the packaging is fleeting, while the content remains – the packaging is thrown away but the content is retained.

However ‘Cool’ a chocolate box is – you still buy it (definitely the second time) for the chocolate. Think about it!


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