Vedantic Wednesday: Attachment, the formidable foe

While Vedanta proclaims that attachments stop us from evolution andgirl-hugs-bear attaining state of god hood, attachments impact us significantly even in our worldly pursuits. Like a toy car that has to be pulled back and released to move forward, we need to move back, let go to scale greater heights.

A lot of companies spend time and money in generating products and ideas. Apart from the resources spent, a lot of executive time and emotional energy is also invested. Even when the product displays little chances of success the company is not willing to let go. It holds on under the pretext of salvaging sunk cost. But what is it that is making them hold on to a non-revenue generating asset? What is making them stick to decisions that are so obviously wrong? Isn’t it an underlying emotional attachment – to the product, to their earlier decision, to their own image?

Attachment also comes in the way of individual achievements. Very often under the guise of commitment and attachment we do not take steps required for us to move towards our set goals.  But the constant thought of the missed achievement creates an underlying feeling of compromised living. For the choice we have made is not based on our intellectual assessment of our situation, priorities and goals. It is a choice taken in an emotional state – born out of a misplaced sense of attachment.  And because it is not a well thought decision, it haunts us and makes us feel incomplete, frustrated, suffocated and chained.

This is also the reason why you find entrepreneurs starting off by taking large risks but very quickly settling down with reduced entrepreneurial spirit to safeguard their worldly success. Only those who are willing to risk all that they have created in the past, scale greater heights.

In simpler terms attachment is the sense of safety of the past. We feel attached to what we have seen, what we have, what we have gained and what we have achieved. When we get too attached, we fail to see the possibilities that exist in front of us for the fear of losing the objects of our attachment.

Even if we don’t  go all the way in understanding attachment from the view point of Vedanta, lets us take a small step to understand the way it affects us at the worldly level!


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