What’s Your Cause?

When it rains, the homeless struggle to even stay dry. On a normal stu_concernTday a few millions go without food.  Every year, millions of children turn malnourished across the world. With increasing number of vehicle owners and advancement of science, parking, pollution and urban infrastructure are bigger challenges than before. Poverty, corruption, safety, health, orphans,  dying languages, near extinction species amongst others are all causes. Is one cause more important than the other? Who is to decide?

Have any of these causes not existed in the past? Has somebody in the past not worked to eliminate them? Then, is it that no causes have been eliminated ever in the past? There is no absolute yes or an absolute no to any of these. While some causes have been taken up and resolved (milk shortage) by people who cared for them (Kurien), most causes never seemed to have been taken to a logical end even in the limited context.  Why is this?

In today’s world with communication becoming easier than ever and rallying support for causes more possible than before, it is important for each one of us to choose the cause that we care about the most. No one person can handle and take up all the causes. Every individual gets impacted by some cause and they must take extreme interest to channel the concern towards that cause to help resolve it.  Every individual who feels concern for a similar cause genuinely and whole heartedly will commit themselves and join hands naturally.

When should one exhibit concern and for which cause is very personal. All causes are important, and all causes need resolution.  In our limited and short lives let us take up any one cause that we feel closely connected with, resonate with and attempt to resolve along with others who are on that journey.

Don’t compare causes and spend energy convincing whose cause is bigger. Spend that energy in resolving your cause a bit more.  Choose yours now – it is waiting for you!


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