Books and Me: India, The Future is Now

Book Title: India, The Future is Nowindia-the-future-is-now-400x400-imadj5yz2bwcdf3g

Author: (Edited by) Sashi Tharoor

What made me pick this book – was a short statement below the subtitle “The vision and road map for the country by the young parliamentarians.”

Reading the book was eye opening with respect to the developments as well as the challenges that India faces today. With 66% of our population aged below thirty five years, more than 600 million people still engaged in agriculture, what India needs today is greater inclusivity in growth. This requires a healthy combination of economic development and social justice. The book contains essays  by twelve of India’s youngest parliamentarians.

They are Anantkumar Hegde, Anurag Singh Thakur, Hamdullah Sayeed, Jay Panda, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kalikesh Singh Deo, M B Rajesh, Milind Deora, Nishikant Dubey, Poonamben Veljibhai Jat, Priya Dutt Roncon and Sanjay Jaiswal. Each of them have provided perspectives on a variety of issues related to agriculture, healthcare, infrastructure, cyber security, education, poverty, technology  and how each of these can be handled or overcome with the right vision, policy and execution.

These young parliamentarian come from nook and corners of the country and hence represent diverse regions, culture and languages. While some of them are second and even third generation politicians, there are also first generation politicians who have risen from the grass root ranks.  They are also representative of the ideologies of major national parties in India. While all of the believe that inclusivity is important for India’s national good, each of them provide a specific tool to help achieve the desired development.  All of them are well educated, well exposed to worldly developments and have represented India on more than one occasion at international platforms. The innumerable sources that is referred across the essays shows the amount of data availability to make good decisions.  Most of them seem to agree on the fundamental challenges that India faces.  It is very interesting to note that the new breed of politicians, specially the younger representatives have a sense of responsibility, a fresh set of ideas and have the  will to turn them into action.  The book is beyond mere political prattle and is one that is filled with practical perspectives on India’s pressing problems.

This book should probably be read by the large population of the educated masses. More parliamentarians should share their thoughts with the people. As I end this review I am also wondering if it would be a great idea for some of our forward looking parliamentarians to crowd source solution for many of India’s challenges using technology such as blogs, bulletin boards etc. I am sure that day is not too far!



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