Interesting Links This Week: 01-September-2013

From teaching to making money to getting found – the links that topped my reading this week:

Can you imagine running a USD 16 million company from home? teachingThese days technology is making it possible. Here is an inspiring story of a woman who is doing exactly that! She is not only doing it for herself but through her company she is making something similar happen for others as well. Think! Link:

If content is not searchable then its not of much use. Most of the readers of your content come searching for it. So will apps make content based websites redundant – doesn’t seem so! It looks like people still prefer to read freely online choosing what they want to and what they can easily share. Here are some thoughts from a long time practitioner. Link:

Today’s new ventures are increasing ‘Born Global’ according to HBS Professor William Kerr. This article highlights how he went about creating a course from scratch and what he thinks are the key things to be taught in a course like this. Interesting for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship faculty alike. Link:


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