J&K EDI, An institution with a purpose

Imposing white building, green lawns, good infrastructure and great edi-kashmirfaculty; this is what I found when I spent four days at the J&K EDI. A state government initiative for furthering entrepreneurship in the state, J&K EDI’s cause is well defined and very clear. They are to inspire, encourage and facilitate people of the state to consider setting up ventures and if possible create employment opportunities for a couple of more people. And this is one institution which is taking its cause very seriously.

As I started working with about twenty faculty members from the institution, I found them not only committed, but extremely grounded on practicalities and anchored very well in theoretical framework. Something that is expected but one, that is conspicuous by its absence in many cases.  Due to this, the training itself moved to a higher level. The discussions moved from beating the basics to higher levels of applying theory in practice.  I found the faculty members despite being strong in their subject show a surprisingly large inclination to learn newer things. They were open not only to fresh thinking but also contrarian views. Everything that was being put in front of them was taken for consideration, discussed, analysed and then dealt appropriately with. And the most inspiring aspect of working with this group was that they clearly recognised the role they were to play in the long process of rethreading the societal fabric. You can read more J&K EDI here http://www.jkedi.org/

Very often when one works with a group, they are not prepared literally for such a kind of focus and seriousness. And especially when you know it is in a context where there could be as per the popular understanding priorities much greater than doing larger good.   So I was pleasantly surprised from day one, immensely motivated from then onwards and have come back with lot of learning – in both the individual and subject planes!


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